Cafe Rouge Salisbury – Review


I visited Cafe Rouge this morning for some breakfast with my boyfriend Matt, we always walk past Cafe Rouge and see people eating and the food always looks good looking through the window. The restaurant is in the ideal spot, its a short walk away from the Cathedral and on the edge of the Old George Mall which has a range of different shops and food stores such as Costa and Pret a Manger. The restaurant is very beautiful inside, its mainly red with gold writing on the windows. There are a lot of mirrors, books and ornaments inside and sliding doors which I imagine open in the summer, inside its a mixture of booths and tables and chairs.

When we arrived at 11.30am there were a few tables of people but no staff on the restaurant floor. When a member of staff did appear they told us they would be with us in a minute, which is fine but in a pretty quiet restaurant I would expect to be seated pretty quickly! After we were seated, we were given plenty of time to decide what we wanted. But whilst being served the girl that took our order came over twice as she forgot our order and drinks! I chose the buttermilk pancakes banana and walnut praline and salted caramel sauce, while Matt chose The Rouge Breakfast which comes with a hot drink and a apple or orange juice for £9.50, which I think is a pretty good deal.

Whilst waiting for our food, there seemed to be a few staff in training and a staff meeting behind the bar. Now I don’t mind staff in training as I believe we all have to start somewhere but the manager could have taken them and briefed them out of the way of customers. And seeing that at this point there were already three members of staff seeing to the restaurant floor it wouldn’t of made any difference to the cutomers and would of made it more of a relaxing experience for the customers rather than hearing how the tables should be laid. About ten minutes after we ordered the supervisor came over to tell us that there were no bananas for my pancakes and someone had popped out to get some, now on a Sundfullsizerender-5ay morning when a lot of people would come out for breakfast I would imagine you would of stocked up on ingredients.

Once our breakfasts arrived half an hour after we had sat down, my pancakes were cold! Not even slightly warm and no sign of the walnut praline! Matts breakfast arrived but it was half the size of a breakfast you would expect to get in Wetherspoons!


Now I’m a girl who loves her food and its very rare for me to go somewhere where I come out feeling incredibly disappointed! Now I think our whole experience would of been better if the customer service was better. We both wish we had read the reviews of the restaurant on Google and Facebook, it may have changed our mind and we could of saved our money and had a better tasting hot breakfast down the road in Wetherspoons!

So unfortunately I will not be returning to Cafe Rouge in Salisbury any time soon!


Jessica Louise


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