Things you know are so true if you grew up/live in a village 

So I thought this would be a really fun post to put up, I’ve grown up in a village and still live in the same village now! If you live or grew up in a village you’ll find some of these points very familiar! 

1. Everybody knows everyone in the village; you know the little old lady on the end of the street and the next door neighbours grandchildren names. But that is the beauty of living in a village everyone wants to help you and say hello to you in the road, even if they know all your business!

2. Its so peaceful and quiet, there may be a few lorries coming to deliver to the shop/pub or the church bells ringing every so often. Now I’m not sure if this is the same for all villages but the one I live in and the village I work in are both super quiet. On the super quiet days you can hear the trains passing about a mile away! 

3. You know all of the secret hiding spots and secret gems of the village, growing up with all my friends in the village we’d spend days exploring. We’d go on walks round the village and throw sticks in the local stream. 

4. Restricted to lifts from your parents until you learn to drive or catch the very rare bus service. Growing up in my village there wasn’t a regular bus service and you had to ring the bus service for it to come to the village! Otherwise the only way to go to town was to catch a lift. Since learning to drive I’ve forgotten the struggles of catching the bus! 

5. Learning to ride your bike was super important when you were a child. After learning to ride your bike it was your little bit of freedom with all your friends and you felt like one of the ‘cool kids’ 

6. Telephone boxes were where prank calls were made, well not me I was always the one stood watching! Now the telephone box in my village has been converted into a book bank, full of lots of books for people to swap their books. I’ve seen this in a few villages and think that’s its such a good idea! 

7. Trips to ‘town’ were always so exciting, all your pocket money would go on random toys and sweets! 

8. The community all comes together for fun activities, whether it’s Christmas or Easter there’s always something happening at the village hall or at the primary school. When I was younger my mum was always a helper at my primary school which meant we were always part of the fun activities planned. I grew up playing bingo at my school, going to the christingle service at the church every Christmas Eve and Halloween costume competitions at the village hall. 

9. The village shop is where you bought all the ice pops in the summer! Now if you have a shop in your village you were extremely lucky, in my village there was a family owned one but it closed and it wasn’t until 2005 when a community shop was opened. I remember summers a few years ago when I was studying my a levels, we all bought ice pops and sat on the village green (park) with our books and tested each other! 

10. Towns and cities feel a million miles away. With the closest town to me being about a 15 minute drive away, you definitely feel like you’re in the middle of nowhere. But that’s okay there is so much open space and beautiful scenery that it doesn’t matter. 
I really enjoyed writing this post I feel like there are so many positives and negatives that come with living in a village but I’m sure a lot of these points a relatable to your childhood or living in a village. 

Jessica Louise 

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