The Winter Tag

Now as we leave the nice sunny autumn days behind and head into winter I thought it was only right to do ‘the winter tag’. I’ve seen a few bloggers do this and with a little inspiration came up with some questions for this tag. I loved writing the autumn tag, so when the first frost came I knew winter was definitely here and it was time to write the winter tag!

What is you winter beauty essential?

Hand cream! I work outside all year round and in the winter my hands get very dry. I try to wear gloves but when I’m washing horses or trying to take rugs on and off I need to take off my gloves and expose my hands!

FullSizeRender (7).jpgWhat is your go to winter nail polish? 

I prefer to go for darker shades in the winter and to add a little sparkle in the run up to Christmas, because why not! At the moment I have Nails Inc ‘Victoria’ on my nails which is free when you buy December’s issue of Glamour. Its a lovely deep red/burgundy colour and so far is lasting pretty well.

What is your most worn item of clothing during winter?

Either my thermals or coat! In the winter I really feel the cold and I’m always wrapped up and in lots of layers. I have a Crew gilet that was a Christmas gift from my mum a few Christmases ago and I adore it and can throw it on with any outfit. I also have a wool coat from Nine by Savannah Miller and a faux fur lined bomber jacket for this winter so hopefully I’ll stay nice and warm.

IMG_5090.JPGWhat is your favourite winter drink?

Hot chocolates are the best at this time of year, especially when all the coffee shops launch their ‘seasonal/Christmas’ menus. At the moment I’m really liking anything gingerbread flavoured!

What is your favourite winter food?

I think everyone can be in agreement that comfort food is the go to food in the winter. There is nothing better than coming home on a cold day and being greeted with a hot bowl of soup or a casserole.

What are your plans for this winter? 

To be honest I don’t have a lot planned this winter, I’m off on holiday with my boyfriend mid December and plan to spend Christmas with my family before having a mini break in Brighton just after Christmas for sales shopping! But other than that I’ll just be trying to make it round to spring without freezing to death!

Can you ice skate/ski/snowboard?

I have only ever been ice skating and can say I suck at it, I’m always the one gripping the side of the rink and attempting to make my way round. I’d like to learn how to ski or snowboard but right now I’m quite glad I don’t do any of them; less injuries!

Does it snow where you live? 

It hasn’t snowed where I live in a while, living in the south of England it always tends to be too warm or be a very light dusting like icing sugar! Everyone claims that this winter is meant to be very cold so I can only hope for snow!

554489_479298508774588_2067715815_nHave you ever built a snowman?

Yes, me and my dad built a snowman a few years back in the shape of Tintin. At the time it looked so good but after it started to melt it just looked sad!

What are you favourite things about winter? 

I love waking up and seeing Jack Frost’s work; theres nothing better than standing on the crunchy frosty grass or standing on frozen puddles!

What do you dislike about winter? 

After having a thyroidectomy last year I find that I really feel the cold and spend my winters freezing and always shivering!

What is your favourite memory of winter?

A few years back it snowed pretty bad and me and my sisters ended up being sat next to the radio waiting to hear for the school closures and we were so happy when they announced that the schools were closed. We ended up getting wrapped up warm and going to the nearest hill to go sledging with my dad before returning home for hot chocolate!


So there we go there is my edition of ‘The Winter Tag’ I hoped you enjoyed reading it and a tag you all to do this over on your blog!


Jessica Louise

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