December is Finally Here!


Very crisp morning on Wednesday

So December has finally hit and I am so excited for Christmas! I am one of those people who is always super excited for Christmas. I’ve finally wrapped up my Christmas present shopping and nearly finished wrapping them all too! I feel like there two types people out there when it comes to Christmas present shopping and wrapping, you are either super prepared and all sorted by the first week of December or you leave it till the last minute! I’m definitely super organised and like to enjoy the run up to Christmas not running around busy shops! This week I’ve also put up my Christmas tree and started planning whats happening over Christmas. Every year I work Christmas and have New Years off which I always look forward to. This year we are off to Brighton in between Christmas and New Years for all the sales shopping and family time. Brighton is one of my favorite places to visit as there is beaches, arcades and lots of lanes full of shops!


Super frosted car!

The cold weather has definitely hit us hard this last week! Because I work outside with horses I don’t mind it when it is cold, but it is worse when its raining or windy. But on Wednesday the roads were so icy and my car was covered in a thick layer of ice and my car shouting at me to say it was -5 degrees! I’m hoping that its gonna be nice and cold for Christmas this year although I don’t think it will be a white Christmas!

This week I’ve been counting down the days until I will be going on holiday and think I have been annoying everyone around me! I’ve been waiting a long time for the holiday as Matt gifted me to a trip away to Center Parcs for my birthday back in August. We have a very cosy lodge and are looking forward to having a nice chilled week away from work and my annoying sisters!

I’m going to keep this post short and sweet because as you’re reading this I am sat with a cider in our villa at Center Parcs!

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