Reasons to visit Center Parcs

So I’ve just finished a lovely week in Center Parcs with my boyfriend Matt; full of fun and activities alongside some much needed relaxation. Now this is my fourth visit to Center Parcs Longleat but I have also visit Center Parcs Whinfell forest up in Cumbria. I have loved every visit and thought I would give you all some reasons on why I love Center Parcs!

1. You can choose which lodge you like and to fit with your budget.

When visiting I’ve stayed in two types of lodge; executive and comfort lodges both with their perks and different price ranges. The comfort villas have recently been changed and updated into ‘Woodland Lodges’ which are the basic and slightly cheaper lodges available at the Center Parcs villages. The Woodland lodges have a fresh interior and provide you with the basics such as towels for your lodge. Whereas the executive lodges provide you with a bit more such as a maid service, dishwasher and a smart bathroom with a rainfall shower and hydrobath. Me and Matt have stayed in a executive lodge twice now and we love it, it suits our budget and our personal style. Whereas if you have a lot of money to spend you can choose to stay in one of the treehouses. The treehouses have hot tubs, games rooms and docking stations for your devices and not to mention a balcony all round the treehouse to take in the views. One day I will stay in one of the treehouses, but I better start saving as they’re not cheap!

2. You can choose a trip length to suit you.

The great thing about Center Parcs is that you can choose a trip to suit you; whether that is a weekend away, a 4 night mid week break or a full on 7 day stay its up to you! I personally have stayed both for a weekend away and 4 night stay. A weekend break is ideal if you want to have a relaxing weekend or a weekend full of activities. This is the same for the 4 night stay but it just means you’ve got more time to take in the scenery and enjoy the facilities and activities.

3. There is plenty of activities to keep you entertained.

Whether you’re visiting with kids or its just you and your partner you’ll be able to find plenty of things you want to do at the villages. There is a massive swimming complex called the Subtropical Swimming Paradise which is free to use whilst on your trip. But there is also plenty of activities to choose from which you need to pre-book and pay for. This trip me and Matt have played badminton, been pottery painting and visited the spa. Although there are plenty of activities for families of all ages including such as creative classes, segway experience and electric boats out on the lake!

4. The Aqua Sana is amazing.

Center Parcs has an absolutely amazing Spa and plenty of treatments; I’ve visited the spa three times and every time has been absolute bliss. The Spa is called The Aqua Sana and have two different time slots for you to choose from. You can choose to have a Spa day or go for a Twilight session in the evening. The Spa has over ten meditation/experience rooms to explore and a pool and ice fountain to relax in. But what is even better is that you can visit the spa even when you’re not visiting one for the Center Parcs villages, you can choose to visit just for the day.

5. Everything is just a walk away.

Center Parcs have a strict rule meaning that your car is only allowed in the village on arrival and departure days meaning that you are free to walk around and take in the forest. The actual Center Parcs villages are full of lodges but it doesn’t take to walk from your lodge to the village square or the plaza for swimming. Center Parcs is also bike friendly meaning you can bring your bikes or use the bike rental service which means you can get round the village on a bike too. The other option is the land train which is only available at the Longleat village and with regular services it allows you to make your way round the village via the land train.

6. There is WiFi throughout the villages.

The WiFi is pretty much all around the village including your lodge and on some of the walkways which means you can take photos and upload them to Facebook or Instagram and make your friends and family jealous of your trip!

7. The lodges are self catering meaning you won’t end up getting ill off the holiday food!

In all of the lodges they have a fully equipped kitchen with everything you need to cook some meals in your lodge. The executive lodge we stayed in had a toaster, microwave, kettle, wine cooler and dishwasher meaning lots of drinks and toast! This means you can take whatever meals you like with you to cook and know that you wont get sick off of ‘holiday’ food. There is also a supermarket in the village called the Parc Market, it has all the essentials as well as pre-made meals, a bakery and logs for you lodge.

8.  There is plenty of restaurants and bars and cafes to suit your needs.

If you don’t fancy cooking in your lodge there are plenty of places to eat dotted around the villages. In Longleat village there are 13 restaurants and cafes to eat at including some of my favorites such as Starbucks, Bella Italia and The Pancake House. There is also a take away service at the villages which you can order to be delivered to your lodge!

9. There are lots of different shops dotted around the village.

From gifts to clothes there are many different shops in the villages for you to pick up presents or treat yourself to a new item of clothing. During our trip I was actually able to pick up some Christmas presents for family members in the shop called The Store Room. I think out of all the shops this is my favourite as it has a host of different brands as well as a few you may have never heard of.

10. Its so festive there right now!

Because me and Matt visited in December and it was very festive with lit up figures and lots of snow dusted trees! They also have some reindeer and lots of festive activities to take part in such as carriage rides.

So there we go there are a few reasons why i love visiting Center Parcs! I’m hoping to visit again in 2017 even if its just for a long weekend! Let me know whether you have visited Center Parcs or would love to visit.


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