Lush Haul and Visit to the Oxford St Store 

So earlier this month I went on a little trip to London to take in the Christmas lights and displays as well as visiting Liberty and a walk down Oxford St. and Carnaby street too! I loved it but there was one shop I was dying to look in and that was the Lush flagship store on Oxford St. and I’m so glad I finally got the chance to go! The store is full to the brim with pretty much every product you can think of and some special editions too.

The shop is over three floors with soaps, shampoos and shower gels being on the ground floor, bath bombs and gift boxes on the second floor and the spa on the lower floor. With it being the flagship store and being so close to Christmas it was manic in there and I wasn’t able to take any pictures (too busy taking it all in!) but it really is a place you need to visit if you love lush like me.

While I was there I thought it would be rude not to pick up a few items! I actually only picked up bath bombs and bubble bars while I was there otherwise I would of spent a fortune!


Satsuma Bath Bomb £3.95

So the first item I picked up was the Satsuma bath bomb which is an exclusive to the Oxford St. store. It is shaped like an satsuma and smells beautiful as it contains mandarin oil and orange flower absolute. I was so excited to try this one and I absolutely loved it, but if you don’t like the smell of orange I wouldn’t recommend this one for you! The satsuma doesn’t really give off a big show or lots of glitter like many bath bombs so it is a good one to try if you don’t want to be covered in glitter or want a quick bath.

Northern Lights Bath Bomb £3.95

Northern lights is a bath bomb that I’ve always wanted to try out as I’ve seen some beautiful pictures of this bath bomb in people’s baths! I am still yet to try this bath bomb as I am saving it for Christmas Eve when I come home from work. The bath bomb has three main colours that put on a pretty colourful show in the bath which I imagine is meant to look like the northern lights. The bomb contains Ylang Ylang oil and jasmine absolute which make it quite a floral smelling bath bomb.

Peeping Santa Bubble Bar £3.95

This is one of my personal favourites of the Christmas collection and of all the bubble bars! Normally I am not a massive fan of the bubble bars and prefer a bath bomb but when it comes to Peeping Santa I just cant say no. Bubble bars are different to bath bombs as you crumble it under the running water to create lots of bubbles and to release the lovely scent of the bar. This little guy contains Fair Trade Shea butter and geranium oil meaning its very moisturising and also helps to balance and tone the body.

Snow Angel Bath Melt £4.25

So this little angel is one of the most glittery bath melts I’ve ever had, so if you don’t like being covered in glitter this one is not for you! Bath melts are one of my go to products if I’m looking for a more relaxing bath as they melt into your bath and release moisturising oils. The melt is white on the front and covered in gold glitter on the back which from the photo above you can see that it goes everywhere!

Never Mind The Ballistics Bath Bomb £4.25

So I believe this is one of the new products that Lush has released and I’ve only heard good things about this bath bomb. This bomb contains Fair Trade cocoa butter, lime oil, banana and orange oil meaning that it smells quite fruity but is also very moisturising. I am still yet to try this one but I’m looking forward to popping this one in my bath soon!

Pip Gift £11.95

This little guy is so adorable and contains some lovely bath bombs inside! Pip is one of the first lush gifts that I have bought in a knot wrap; a knot wrap is a reusable wrap that you can use again for presents or as a hair accessory or a scarf. Pip contains Butterball and the Luxury Bath Pud bath bombs which are two great bath bombs. Pip would be the ideal present for a friend or to pop into someones stocking. I still haven’t decided whether i will be giving this as a gift or keeping for myself!


So there we go there are all my Lush bits that I picked up while visiting the London Oxford St. store! Let me know if you’ve tried any of these products or if there is any Lush products I should try; I’d love to hear from you.


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