I’m Going to New York!

So after lots of researching and saving I can finally say that I am heading to New York and I am beyond excited! 

New York has always been one of those places on my bucket list to visit and I made it my aim last year to try and save for the trip and have lots of spending money! I was lucky enough on my birthday in August last year to be given a little voucher made up by my mum and dad saying ‘one trip to New York’. So as you can imagine I was shocked and super excited! Because New York can be expensive we put the trip off till the new year and we have finally booked it! So I can happily say that on March 13th I will be flying to New York! 

I am lucky enough to be travelling out there with my mum and we have big plans to try and visit as much as we can out there.I’m hoping to see the Statue of Liberty, Grand Central Station and Times Square to name a few! We are also hoping to catch a show and get lots of Candles in Bath and Body Works. 

So now the countdown begins and I’m sure there will be lots of blog posts to come about New York! 

If you’ve visited New York and have any recommendations I’d love to hear them! 


Jessica Louise

Twitter 🐝– jesslouiseblog 
Instagram 📷– jessicalouiseblog 


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