December Favourites

Another month has gone by and not to mention it is now 2017; its seems to have gone so quickly. December was a very busy month for me with holidays, trips away and trying to squeeze in seeing family and work into the 31 days! I didn’t get the chance to try a lot of new products in December but have lots of different favourites this month.

Center Parcs – Longleat Forest

img_5437-2Center Parcs has to be one of my highlights of December and of the year in general! I visited Center Parcs for a week holiday with my boyfriend Matt and we had the best time on our visit to the village. I’ve already written a more detailed post about Center Parcs on my blog and you can find it here.

Bomb Cosmetics

I had heard of Bomb Cosmetics before but it wasn’t until I visited Center Parcs and saw their stand in one of their shops that I saw all their products up close. BC make all of their products by hand meaning that they all look amazing and all have their own little touches that make them special. I decided to pick up the Jingleberry candle and the Honey Be Mine bath blaster and they haven’t disappointed. The Jingleberry candle is really beautiful and burns really well meaning you aren’t left with a massive amount of wax around the edges of the candle. The only down side to the candle is that because there is so much wax above the glass, it does mean that you end up with a little bit of leakage! As for the bath blaster it left a beautiful honey scent and didn’t leave the bath too glittery. I’m looking forward to trying out some more bomb cosmetics products soon.

iPhone 7

For a while I had been struggling with the picture quality on my blog due to my rubbish camera on my iPhone. Just before Christmas I decided enough was enough with my rubbish camera quality on my iPhone 6 and decided I wanted to upgrade to the iPhone 7. I have to say it was one of the best decisions I made and I absolutely love my new phone and the camera quality too!


img_57861010! is a game that I have rediscovered this month and have become very addicted to. The game is a bit like tetris where you get different shapes to try and fit into the cube and when you cant fit in one of the shapes you lose. I have become totally addicted to this game this month and have no shame!

Ciate Mini Mani Month

IMG_5306.JPGDecember is always a count down to Christmas and that means advent calendars! I had two advent calendars this month; the ciate one and a dairy milk one. By the middle of the month I had forgotten about my chocolate advent calendar and was excited to see my next new nail polish. I’ve received 24 lovely nail products and can’t wait to try them all out; I will definitely be repurchasing next December!

Family time

December tends to be a very busy month for me trying to balance work, Christmas and family time all into very little time meaning every moment has been special. I think Christmas is a wonderful excuse to get family together and have fun and we certainly did, playing board games and uno for hours. Although it’s hard to get us all sat together at once it’s lovely to be all together even if we are all doing different things.

Throwback songs

Recently I have been playing songs on YouTube and letting auto play work it’s magic by moving onto another similar song and it threw up some cracking songs. Before I knew it I had gone from The Chainsmokers to Avril Lavigne and Busted – some of my childhood favourites. I think it’s great to listen to older songs and relive the memories you had when listening to them previously.

Avril Lavigne – Sk8er Boi you cant help but sing along to!


So there we go there are my December favorites, better late than never!


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