My 2017 Goals

So I know we are already 12 days into January but I thought I’d post my years goals onto my blog so I can’t forget them!

So however cliche it sounds this year is going to be my year and I want to focus more on my own personal growth. My main goal is to change my job and head in a different career direction. Towards the end of last year I fell out of love with my job and decided 2017 is the time I move away from horses and go into a more office based job.

I’d also like to focus on my body and my body image this year. I feel like everyone sets a goal to lose weight and by the second week of January they have already quit their diet and had a McDonalds to celebrate! I am happy with my body image at the moment but would be happy to lose a few pounds that I gained over the Christmas period! I’d also like to join a fitness class and try out yoga.

I want 2017 to be the year or new experiences and exciting holidays and trips. As some of you may know I’m off to New York in March and I am unbelievably excited to go and tick it off my bucket list. I’d like to visit a few more British cities this year such as Edinburgh, Birmingham and Bath as well as visiting Brighton, Bournemouth and London again. As for new experiences I’ve also got gift vouchers to go feed giraffes and visit Harry Potter World which I’d like to use this year. I’ve always loved giraffes and always wanted to visit Harry Potter World so I’m looking forward to booking the experiences!

2017 is also going to be the year of budgeting and saving as I’d love to save up a deposit for a flat or have enough money to send my car to the garage with no worries! I’m not bad with money and managed to save enough last year to buy my Mini but I need to better. I’d like to put a set amount of money into a savings account every month and any left I also put into my savings account.

As for the little more personal goals I’ve got a fair few set which are pretty easy to complete. I’d like to get into giving blood again, I donated back in 2012 before I got diagnosed with my overactive thyroid and was taking medication meaning I couldn’t donate. So now I’m clear of medication I’d like to make it a habit to get into as it will help so many people around the country. I’d also like to read more books; I’ve already kick started this goal by reading Scarlett Says by Scarlett Moffat and enjoying it so far! I also want to start subscribing to magazines as I am the worst for picking up lots of different magazines every week and I’d like to stick to one of too and hopefully save a little bit of money too!

In terms of my blog and social media I haven’t set any big goals for the year. I just want to keep enjoying what I’m doing and keeping up with the posts and see if i can keep blogging all year.

So there we go there are my goals for the year and I hope to achieve them all or at least attempt to! Let me know your 2017 goals and whether you’ve achieved any of yours yet.


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