Friday Thoughts 

So far this week I have stressed too much and got myself in such a state! And yes I do struggle with anxiety and overthinking quite a lot which does suck but I learning to take every step as it comes.

For the first time in years I have felt positive this month, I find January a very hard month to get through. The Christmas decorations come down and the cold days hit hard it can make you feel isolated and wish for the sunny happy days to come. 

I won’t lie, this week I have been a wreck worrying about a job interview and whether I am good enough! How silly is that? 

It’s only today when I’ve had a chance to wind down and relax that I realised how silly that was. Now at the time I was incredibly emotional and doubting myself a lot and then I found this quote.  

It made me realise that I was the one overworking my mind on this little thing that doesn’t matter! 

So going into the weekend and into the next week I’m going to try and relax and try not to let my mind overwork! Easier said than done for anyone who feels the same as me! But positive mind and hopefully less stress. 


Jessica Louise


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