Bath and Body Works Haul

So welcome back everybody, I’ve been a little quiet on my blog and social medias recently and its because I was having a very shit week and needed to take a little break. I wont go into details but I’m back with a Bath and Body Works Haul. Enjoy!

If you’re anything like me you have heard a lot about Bath and Body works products and how good they are. But if you are in the U.K. It can be very hard to get hold the products. Even though there are many methods of getting hold of them such as ebay, shipping from America and online stores in the uk, you can end up paying a lot more for the products!

Recently I found a Facebook page that sells Bath and Body works items and I decided to purchase a few items. The great thing about the Facebook page is that there are lots of sellers that have lots of different products for you to go and choose from.

I ordered:

Twisted Peppermint Shower Gel  and Twisted Peppermint Foaming Hand Wash

This duo is part of the Christmas range and smell just like peppermint. The hand wash is really nice and give you a pump of peppermint scented foam for you to wash your hands in. The foam feels very luxurious and very gentle on the skin unlike some of the liquid hand washes that can feel very runny and not lather up so well!

Whereas the shower gel has a hint of musk meaning it isn’t too sweet for showering in. BBW claims that the scent smells like ‘sweet peppermint, sugared snow and vanilla buttercream’ whereas my mum thinks it smells of toothpaste! Regardless I really like this shower gel and love the scent.

39e228a5-4362-4dbd-8185-d29adbd701c6Georgia Peach and Sweet Tea Shower Gel

This has to be one of my favourite shower gels and it smells gorgeous. The bonus to this shower gel is that it contains shea butter, vitamin E and aloe vera making your skin super soft and smelling amazing. The scent is very long lasting and quite strong; I use this alongside some of my Lush products and could still smell the peachy scent.

Warm Vanilla Sugar Scented Candle and Winter Scented Candle

I have heard a lot about the BBW candles and was excited to give one of the candles a try. So I ordered two candles before Christmas so I could give my mum one a a present and for me to keep one for myself. I have to admit these candles burn so much better than some of the other candles I have purchased in the past. They release a very delicate scent that isn’t over powering but doesn’t take hours of burning before the scent it released! Warm Vanilla Sugar is a very delicate sweet vanilla scent whereas Winter is a fresh scent with cloves and pine needles.


I am really happy with the products I purchased off of the Facebook page, but what you have to bear in mind that you cannot always get all the products you want from the same seller. I purchased my items in two different orders, at different times of the month and from two different sellers and had great service from both of them. I would recommend getting a feel of the group and looking out for the trusted sellers who receive great feedback before purchasing anything.

Let me know if you have any favourite products from Bath and Body Works as I’d love to try out some more scents!


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