My Favourite Winter Nail Polishes

I’ve never been a big make up fan and much prefer painting my nails different colours and trying out different brands. During winter I like to try and paint my nails different shades as much as possible even though they never seem to last!

Butter London – Chimney Sweep

I had heard a lot about Butter London nail polishes, but had never seen them to be able to try one out. I believe this is a old season polish as I found it in my local T K Maxx for just £4.99. I like the coverage this polish gives and you could get away with one coat, although I prefer a bolder colour and go with two coats.

Nails Inc for Glamour – Victoria

This polish is a lovely burgundy shade perfect for autumn/winter and even better because it was free! I’ve always liked Nails Inc nail polishes and think they last a long time before chipping. I’m not sure how easy this polish is to get hold of as it was free in the December issue of Glamour

Ciate – Iced Frappe

I love this colour, it is a really good nude colour for winter and has a really good shine. I received this one in my Mini Mani Month in December and keep going back to it.

OPI – Yoga-Ta Get This Blue

I picked up this beautiful blue from OPI back in October 2015 in the airport when coming home from Amalfi, it was my first OPI nail polish and I love it. This colour can go with a lot of outfits but you definitely need two coats when applying!

Ciate – Raising the Barre and Meet me at Midnight

Over Christmas this was my go to colour combination a dark burgundy and glittery polish. Because who doesn’t love glitter at Christmas? These two polishes I also received in my Mini Mani Month from Ciate and love them. These two need a top coat so that they don’t budge!


So there we go my favourite nail polishes for winter, do you have a favourite nail polish for winter? Let me know, I’d love to give it a go!


Jessica Louise


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