One of my Favourite Places

Bournemouth has always been one of my favourite places to visit as it has it all, the beach, arcades, shops and beautiful gardens to sit in and relax.

img_3037When I was younger my summer consisted of trips down to our caravan that we had at a camping site in Dorset. I spent days walking around the Dorset countryside and visiting the seaside. I dread to think how much pocket money I spent on the arcades on the seafront and on penny sweets at the campsite shop!

Now Bournemouth is about 2 hours drive away from where I live and sometimes feels like its a million miles away! But once I’m there I feel so happy and all the memories come back to me. I have spent many days on Bournemouth beach in the heat of the summer getting very sun burnt! (yay for being ginger and pale!) Had many ice creams and fish and chip dinners. Walked around Bournemouth gardens and sat down for picnics and played games of frisbee. I’ve lost many games of crazy golf and spent many days walking down the seafront in the rain or strong winds!

img_5018One of my oldest memories that I can remember is visiting Bournemouth with one of my school friends and her family and mine by boat from Swanage. I went shopping with her and her sister to New Look and remember there being a sale and we were so excited. Now one of my favourite memories is visiting Bournemouth with Matt playing crazy golf and walking along the pier in the sunshine back in August 2015 when Matt asked me to be his girlfriend.. Cheesy!

4be80b19-aa02-4209-8172-de1c8ce54d73Its also one of those places where I could sit on the seafront for hours and watch the waves come in and people walk by and be content for hours. With fish and chips in one hand and a ice cream in the other!

I think the main reason why Bournemouth is one of my favourite places is because of all the memories I’ve had over the years.

Where is your happy place?


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