Goodbye February!

So glad to be seeing the back of February its been a month of dreary days with storm Doris, sick days and a few low days. But its not all dreary there have been positive this month.

I started off the month feeling very positive after not experiencing the January blues, but unfortunately they hit me hard this month. I think it hit me that I hadn’t achieved much and my job search wasn’t going to well. With busy days at work, stress and general worrying got me down and I had my first ever sick day off of work! I know to alot of people this is nothing new but to me I never take sick days, I’m that annoying person at work who is feeling ill but wont go home and risks passing it on to everybody else! Even though suffering through dizzy spells and an ear infection made me take the day off it made me feel so much better about myself. When I returned to work everyone was so nice and made sure I was okay and that my workload for the day was reduced. Its the little things that to me make a big difference. From starting the month feeling down and that my life wasn’t going any where I suddenly felt more positive and confident in myself.

During my ill period I took a little bit of time off from my blog, which at the time made me really sad that I wasn’t well enough to post anything. Looking back I’m so glad I took the time off to concentrate on myself. Life is too short to worry about other peoples thoughts!

Overall February started off pretty rocky but heading into March I am feeling so excited for my trip to New York! Keep an eye out for lots more posts on my blog about NY and my adventures!

Here is some of my favourite photos from the month.

7th February – Hello Mum

10th February – Dusting of snow


12th February – Cafe Nero treat


14th February – ‘What are you looking at?’


19th February – Bournemouth Trip


21st February – Addicted to Avocado Toast


24th February – Blue Skies


26th February – Nigel Hiding


27th February – Camembert Lunch



Remember life is too short to worry about the little things!
Jessica Louise 



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