New York: My Amazing Trip

My new favourite place!

New York was always one of the places on my bucket list that I wanted to visit before I die, but I can finally say that I have been and seen all of the sights! On March 13th me and my mum flew out to NY and our adventure begun.

Day one – 13th March 2017

After the necessary duty free splurge and breakfast at the terminal me and my mum were so excited to get on our flight to New York. I’ve haven’t been a long flight for a few years and was a bit nervous I’d get bored or my legs would go to sleep and I wouldn’t be able to stand up! After a 8hr flight we landed in NY, went through immigration, collected our suitcases and jumped in a taxi heading for our hotel in Manhattan. Looking out the window and watching the skyscrapers go past the window; it looked just the way I imagined it to be!

After checking in Row NYC we dropped our bags in our room and headed east down 44th St to Grand Central Station. It was 4pm by the time we arrived and the station was starting to welcome commuters on their journeys back home. The station is so vast but yet so calm and tranquil; hundreds of commuters and visitors pass though the main Concorde every hour and yet its still so quiet. After taking lots of photos, me and my mum headed down to the food area downstairs. We decided on a sweet treat from Magnolia bakery; I chose a sea salted caramel cookie and my mum chose a hummingbird cupcake. If you’re visiting NY soon I’d definitely recommend trying their cakes; they are to die for!

We then wandered down Park Avenue to 23rd St to see the Flatiron building, with a quick trip into Bath and Body works to have a look round! The Flatiron building is one of the most iconic buildings in NY and it is one I had to tick off my list. After taking a few pictures we then walked up towards the Empire State Building grabbing a pretzel on the way. We booked tickets for the Empire State Building in advance but knew we wanted to see the views in the afternoon/evening. After queuing for what felt like hours we took the lift up to the 82nd floor and we able to see for miles. You can see the Statue of Liberty in the distance and look down fifth avenue as well as seeing all of the neighborhoods.

We ended our first day walking uptown through busy Times Square and stopping in a little pizza shop to grab some dinner, before crashing in the hotel ready for the next full packed day!

Day two – Tuesday 14th March

We had planned a fun packed day planned but instead we were greeted by snow! Many shops were closed and many New Yorkers were unable to get into Manhattan for work, meaning it was an unusually quiet day in New York.

IMG_6543After finding out the One World Observatory was closed due to the snow we thought we would head downtown for pancakes at GeeWhiz diner that my mum loves. My mum went for pancakes with strawberries and I chose strawberry cheesecake french toast which was so yummy! We then headed down the street to the 9/11 memorial to pay our respects but unfortunately due to the snow it was closed off and all iced up. We noticed a Whole Foods opposite the diner, so we decided to head in there and have a look round. There are so many foods that we don’t have in the UK and they all look so good! After we decided on a caramel donut and some biscuits we headed back uptown to the hotel and grabbing a sandwich on the way to munch on in the hotel.

Most places ended up being closed and the weather was terrible so we thought we should take a walk down 5th Avenue to go shopping and stay dry. That was a mistake! We got covered in sleet but we eventually made it up to Tiffanys and managed to dry off before spending lots of money. Me and my mum both bought silver jewellery and got served by the manager of the floor. Very lucky girls!

Next stop was Brooklyn Bridge in the snow! We caught the subway to Brooklyn before walking towards the bridge and up the stairs and onto the walkway. I had read before going that the bridge can be very busy but because of the snow it was dead and looked very beautiful! The sleet had calmed and although the visibility was poor it still looked incredible as we walked from Brooklyn back to Manhattan!

IMG_6636Next stop of the day was a bar and grill for some food, we were soaking wet and cold and knew we needed something substantial for our dinner! I had a pork chop with sweet potato fries and my mum had pork ribs and onion rings which was incredible. Last stop was the hotel to sleep off our dinner and watch tv!

Day Three – Wednesday 15th March

It was our final full day in NY and we knew we had to try and get as much sightseeing in as possible to make up for the quieter day on Tuesday. We headed down to the World Trade Center to go to the One World Observatory and catch another glimpse of the 9/11 memorial.  I think the One World Observatory was one of my favourite bits of my trip just because you can see NY and look down at all the skyscrapers and taxis passing by on the streets below. We walked round the viewing level many times as I just couldn’t believe the views. I looked across to Brooklyn and saw the Statue of Liberty before looking uptown to see the Empire State Building and a glimpse of Central Park.

We then caught the subway up to Washington Square Park and headed for DO Cookie Confections to get some yummy cookie dough! If you’re ever in NY you should visit and get there early to avoid a massive queue; I went for M&M and sugar cookie.

IMG_6638Next stop was some more retail therapy at Macy’s. Macy’s is huge, and me and my mum had no idea how long it would take to look round! I managed to pick up some bits in the Calvin Klein department before rushing uptown to the hotel to grab the tickets for theatre! We had tickets for A Bronx Tale at the Longacre Theatre on 48th St and the show was amazing. I won’t ruin it for anyone who wants to see it but the cast are incredible and I was smiling the whole way through.

Central Park was another place I wanted to see and tick of my list and I’m so glad I was able to see it in snow. My mum wanted to run round Central Park so she set off on her run and I went for a wander round the lake and took lots of photos. Central Park was really beautiful in the snow and I’m so glad I was able to see it on my trip. 

I knew before I left NY that I had to visit Bath and Body Works and buy lots of candles! After a very expensive haul in BBW we then grabbed a BLT in Scnippers on 23rd St before heading up to our hotel.

Day Four – Thursday 16th March

IMG_6655[1]Our final day and at 5am I waved goodbye to our hotel and NY and caught a taxi over to  JFK before boarding the plane and leaving NY. *sad face*


I absolutely loved my trip and want to go back again, but maybe in warmer weather! Thank you for reading! 

Have you ever visited to NY or do you have any questions you’d like me to answer?


Jessica Louise



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