10 Must Haves for a Trip to New York 

I recently visited New York and absolutely loved my trip and came back thinking I wish I’d packed that or wish I’d prepared for this. So here are my must haves for a trip for New York!

1. Clothes appropriate for the weather 

Always check the weather before you go to New York and pack clothes accordingly! We checked the weather on the Saturday before we travelled and didn’t think much of the snow warnings so only packed a few clothes and shoes in case of snow and ended up only wearing half the clothes we packed and freezing our butts off! 

2. A rucksack 

I bought a rucksack prior to my trip as I thought it would be great as a carry on bag for the flight and that it may come in useful whilst being a tourist. It was by far one of the best things I took with me, I could carry necessary stuff round with me and also be able to put shopping or snacks we bought while out exploring.

3. A map 

Before I went on my trip I marked off all of the places I wanted to visit and the hotel onto my map. It was really helpful and I could look at my map and know how many blocks I had to walk or what the closest subway station was. Even if it’s just a map on your phone I guarantee it will save you especially if you don’t want to use data while you’re out there. Google maps comes in handy to give you an idea of how long it takes by subway and how long it takes to walk too. 

4. Comfortable shoes

Comfy shoes are a necessity for when exploring New York, you’ll end up walking miles without realising it. I went for a pair of sketches and a pair of worn in boots for my trip, and was able to walk round in them from the moment I got up to the moment I took them off in the hotel that evening with no sore feet. 

5. Subway map/Route planner

I downloaded an app onto my phone called NYC Subway which shows you the subway map and also provides you with a route planner. I found it super helpful as I was able to put in my nearest station and the station I wanted to go to and know the exact train to get on to and how many stops and how long it would take. 

6. A water bottle 

All the walking around and catching the subway can be tiring and you can end up getting dehydrated. Carrying a water bottle round with you will help to keep you hydrated and keep you going all day. 

7. A kitty 

Me and my mum decided to put away some money away for kitty before we left the uk. We both put away £250 for taxis, meals and attractions we couldn’t buy tickets for ahead of time. It made paying for meals easier as we weren’t trying to split the bill and could just pay for it with the kitty money. 

8. Hand sanitiser 

Always handy for public places where you’re touching handrails and going into public toilets. 

9. A camera 

Another necessity for capturing the moment and saving the memories. I took my Instax Instant Camera and my iPhone 7 and managed to take some pretty awesome photos. 

10. Extra space for all the shopping! 

If you’re anything like me you’ll want to do a bit of shopping whilst you’re out there and stock up on American products that aren’t available in the U.K. I filled my suitcase up with Bath and Body Works candles as well as stopping at Tiffany’s and Macy’s! 

So there we go they are my must haves for when travelling to New York! I’ve only been once but I loved my trip and would definitely bear this things in mind when visiting again. 

Is there anything you think is a must have for a city break? 

Jessica Louise 


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