March Faves


Another month and another bunch of things I’ve been loving this month. March went so quickly but I’ve managed to try out so many new things this month.


Beauty and the Beast


Beauty and the Beast was always one of my childhood favourite movies and when I heard they were remaking it I knew I had to see it. I went to see it with a friend from work and we loved it, I was smiling the whole way through! They have redone the movie so well and added a few new songs and features which means it has a little twist on the original. I personally think Emma Watson fits the role of Belle really well but me and my friend both agreed that we preferred Dan Stevens as the beast rather than the prince! If you haven’t seen it yet get your butt to the cinema!

New York


I’ve been talking about my trip to New York for what feels like months now but I couldn’t not include it in my March Favourites. It was a trip to remember and its definitely been one of my highlights of the month. You can find planning my trip, my top must haves and my trip with pictures on my blog.

Friend and Family Time

Sometimes life goes so quickly and its weeks since you’ve seen your family or months since you’ve seen friends. I managed to catch up with some of my friends for a quick drink in wetherspoons last week and was able to spend some time with my Auntie and Nan for Mothers Day. I think it is important to spend time with family and friends as it makes you feel human again! Sometimes you get so tied up in work and end up feeling like you spend most of your time working! I’m looking forward to April and Easter to spend more time with my friends and family.

Spring days


I think we have finally waved goodbye to the cold winter days and can now look forward to the slightly warmer but brighter days. I love spring as all the daffodils come out and the days start to get brighter and longer and I think everyone starts to feel happier! Here is to warmer days and summer!

Bath and Body Works

13F17A24-27BF-44B3-8B2B-2DCE91EB6318So this month I was lucky enough to be able to visit a Bath and Body Works store in New York and stock up on lots of amazing goodies. I think I spent $75, but it was so worth it! I picked up a few shower gels, candles and lots of hand santisers. My favourite scents have to be the Stress Relief Eucalptus Tea hand santiser and the Midnight Blue Citrus candle. The scents are to die for!

My red hair

This month I decided to try out the new L’Oreal Colourista Wash out hair colours, I decided to go for the red shade. When I left Sixth Form I tried out dip dying my hair and originally went for a red/purple shade back then and loved it. When I heard L’Oreal had released wash out colours I knew I wanted to give them a go and dip dye my hair again. I dyed it before I flew out to New York and 10 washes later and its still very vibrant. The dye is meant to last for 7-15 washes depending on the shade of the dye. I’m loving the red shade at the moment but also can’t wait till it fades and I can try out a new shade.


So there we go there are all the things I’ve been loving in the month of March and glad to say there are no food favourites this month! I’m looking forward to a fun packed April and hopefully lots of new favourites.

Is there anything you’ve been loving this month?

Please check out my March in photos post here.


Jessica Louise


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