April: In Photos

Now I know I say this every month but April really did fly by! April was a busy month full of Easter celebrations, sunny days and dealing with my sisters on half term. After a busy month I haven’t felt so bad for having a few relaxing days of doing bugger all!

I really do love sharing my month in photos on my blog; its a great way to reflect on the month and great to look back on in the future.

1st April – Essential yogurt testing
2nd April – First BBQ of the year!
3rd April – Yet another trip to Costa!
4th April – The biggest tuna mayo jacket potato
8th April – Beautiful sunny day
9th April – New sparkly manicure
10th April – Nigel moves into his new tank
April 12th – Lots of Bubbles

14th April – Teaching my other half to ride
15th April – Beautiful new pin from the Pin Club
16th April – Easter treats
18th April – Ice creams at Salisbury Cathedral
23rd April – Sunny afternoons spent in the garden
24th April – Wagamamas date night
25th April – Picnic at Bentley Wood
27th April – Horsey Selfie
28th April – Jumpies!
29th April – Spring grass is coming through

I hope your April was full of beautiful sunny days and time spent with family and friends around Easter. I’d love to know what your favourite photo/memory is from the month of April!


Jessica Louise


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