Trying out Primark face masks!

I’ve always been a big fan of face masks and always think they are a bit of treat when I get to try one out. When I was younger, face masks were always used on girly sleepovers and ‘pamper’ evenings. Now I am older I don’t get enough time to have a pamper night but it is nice to pop a face mask on and treat your skin.

I recently popped into Primark for a shopping spree and spotted a collection of face masks in the beauty section.  At 80 pence a mask they are a bargain! I ended up taking four of them home including a mens one for my boyfriend Matt to try.

Applying the mask
After persuading Matt to try his face mask, we cleansed our faces and started to put them on. Matt’s Mud Mask with Dead Sea Minerals was a very smooth texture and very nice to apply. Whereas my Charcoal and Black Sugar Scrub Mask was rather messy to put on. Its a lovely scrub like texture but needs to be applied in a rather thin layer to avoid it falling off your face!
How the mask felt on

Both our masks had to be on for 15-20 minutes before we had to take them off. Matt’s mask started to dry out around the nose and forehead where the mask was slightly thinner. My mask started to drip of my chin and nose 10 minutes in meaning I needed a tissue handy to wipe off the excess liquid!

My Verdict

After taking off my mask my skin felt alot smoother and I saw a reduction in my blackheads. Since the mask I haven’t broke out in any spots which is also a bonus! I would try this mask again but keep tissues handy!

Matts Verdict

After quizzing Matt on what he thought of his first ever face mask the results were good. He was a bit skeptical at first but after the mask had dried he calmed down! His skin was a lot smoother, softer and no break outs!

Overall verdict

I think these little face masks are very good considering that each one comes in at under a pound. From both our verdicts we can see that the face masks do actually work and do not leave you with spots for days after! 

Personally I think these face masks are ideal for your mid week skin treatment or when you want a quick pick me up. I’d save your more expensive/luxury face masks for a pamper night!


Let me know if you try out any of these face masks, and what your thoughts are.

Ciao for now!


Jessica Louise


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