My Visit to Warner Bros Studio Tour

For those who follow me on Instagram, you would of seen that I visited the Warner Bros Studio Tour on Tuesday and absolutely loved it! I’ve always been a fan of Harry Potter and have watched all of the films. I think all of us who have read the books and watched the films, want to be a pupil at Hogwarts!

My boyfriend Matt bought me tickets for Christmas and we only just got the chance to book our spot and visit. The tour is incredibly busy and always booked up for months!

The studios are just off the M25 and from Wiltshire it took us an hour and a half. There are many stewards around to welcome you and direct you to a parking space. We picked up our tickets from one of the ticket booths and made our way into the building, before having our bags checked. After queuing to go in we walked through the doors and into the magic!


The Great Hall Doors


The Great Hall


The Teachers Table


Hermione, Viktor, Cho and Harry’s Outfits for the Yule Ball


Gryffindor Common Room


Hagrid’s Hut 


Dumbledore’s Office 


Snape in the Potions Room


Voldemort’s Servants 




The Hogwarts Express! 


Running through to Platform 9 3/4


Must have photo opportunity! 


Privet Drive 


Harry Potter’s Invites to Hogwarts


The Cupboard Under the Stairs! 


My First Butterbeer!


The Night Bus


Diagon Alley


Hogwarts Model! 

So there we go, there are some of the amazing photos I managed to capture while walking around the tour. The Tour is massive and takes a few hours to get around, there is just so much to see and to do. Plus the gift shop at the end has all of the souvenirs you could ever think of! I managed to pick up a chocolate frog, Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour beans and a Griffindor t-shirt.

My favourite parts have to be, walking into the great hall, seeing the Hogwarts Express and all the carriages, trying butterbeer and seeing the final model of Hogwarts at the end!

If you haven’t visit the tour yet I really do urge you to go, it is amazing and well worth a visit if you are a fan of Harry Potter like me!

Please let me know if you have visited the Warner Bros Tour before and what you thought!


Ciao for now!


Jessica Louise


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