Meet My Pets

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll see share pictures and videos of my Betta fish and what they are up to. So I thought it was about time I introduced you to my fishies!



Breed: Standard Betta

Likes: His Heater and food!

Dislikes: Change! (Nigel does not like change and has to mark his territory to show the new thing who is boss!)

Worst Habit: Pooing on his cave!

Nickname: Nige, Nigey Pants

So Nigel is my little baby and my first fishy pet! I brought Nigel home in May 2016 so a year ago now and he has been a big part of the family ever since! He is a standard breed Betta Fish and is quite a big boy now.


Baby Nige!

I picked him up from my local aquatics shop in Wiltshire. He started his new life in a Biorb flow 15 litre tank before moving to a Fluval flex 34 litre tank which he is now very happy with! It hasn’t always been plain sailing with him though. After a week of having him he developed Ick which is a disease which covered him in lots of white spots due to poor water conditions.  He made a full recovery and now a year later is still buzzing around his tank.

Nige is known for finding weird places to sit in and camouflaging himself in his red plant in his tank. He is definitely a big part of the family now and loves all the attention from everyone but definitely is not a diva!




Breed: Elephant Ear Betta

Likes: Swimming fast and eating food!

Dislikes: Bubbles!

Worst Habit: Trying to fit himself into the smallest of spaces!

Nickname: Crazy Fish

Nemo is the new addition to the household and is by far the craziest of the two fish! He spends most of his days swimming round his tank and finding crazy places to sit. I picked up Nemo from Pets at Home; not the ideal location to buy fish but he was just too adorable that I couldn’t say no! Nemo lives in Nigel’s old Biorb tank which is perfect for him as he is so much smaller than Nigel!

I’ve had Nemo about three weeks now and it has definitely not been plain sailing with him either! The second day of having him he decided to get himself into the filter and I spent a couple of minutes wondering where he was! I have to admit when I can’t see Nemo I do worry he is stuck somewhere again! Now he has realised there is no where to escape and that hes got a big brother in the other tank watching him, hes settled in and is working on his posing skills! Nemo loves it when you wave at him, he goes a bit nuts and looks like hes dancing round the tank.

Even though he is the new addition he’s settled in very well and we love him lots!


I’d be pretty lost without these crazy boys, I can talk to them about anything and watch them do crazy stuff to make me laugh! If you don’t have a Betta fish I would recommend getting one as they are so much fun and so easy to keep!

For more fishy updates, make sure you follow me on Instagram!


Ciao for now!


Jessica Louise


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