May Best Bits

I decided against doing a May favourites post this month due to just how busy I’ve been! I’ve loved the month of May and managed to cram so much int the 31 days. I’ve indulged in many delicious meals, had lots of lovely days out and had a new fishy come into my life!

The new family addition!

IMG_7177I spotted Nemo in Pets at Home at the start of the month and knew I wanted to take him home with me. I had recently moved Nigel to his new tank and had to clear out the old tank and restart his old tank ready for new fishes to move into, meaning little Nemo had to wait a week before he could move into my house! Cheeky Nemo has settled in really well and watches his big brother in the other tank while he waits for me and my family to come home. I’ve recently written a post all about the two boys and you can find it here.

Warner Bros Studio Tour

IMG_7303One of the wonderful days out this month was spent at this magical place, exploring all the wonderful sets and trying butterbeer! My other half bought me the tickets for Christmas and after finally agreeing on a date we booked the 9th May for our tour. I’ve watched all the films and I was very excited to visit the tour and see all of the amazing sets. I live about a 20 minute drive away from Lacock Abbey where they filmed the first film and love visiting there and imaging the school classrooms in all the rooms. I have to say the tour is done really well and takes a good few hours to take it all in. You come out of the tour feeling like you’ve been on a magical journey and relived all the films through Harry’s eyes. Another shameless plug but you can find more photos from my visit here.

Family Time

Spending time with family has been very important to me this month due to all of us being in different places at once! My Dad has been working away in California and Canada. Me, my sister and mum working different shifts and my boyfriend being crazy busy at work has made it difficult to be all together in one place at once! Before my Dad left for Cali we managed to get a family meal in with my sisters in wetherspoons (cheap and cheery!) before he flew out the next day. While he was away me, my sister and my mum spent a lot of girly time together.

IMG_7454.JPGI took a Saturday off of work to watch my sister do the Race for Life with her friends, before heading over to Chippenham to catch the train to Bath. We had lunch out before doing some much needed retail therapy! It’s the little things that are so important when life is so crazy!IMG_7461.JPG

Visting Bournemouth

I’ve managed to visit Bournemouth twice in the month of may. It is one of my favourite places to visit as it holds so many memories and i can spend hours there!

IMG_7545.JPGI first visited Bournemouth for Matt’s birthday on May 26th, it turned out to be the hottest day of the year so far. We had sushi in Yo Sushi!, played crazy golf in the gardens and then sat on the seafront in the sun. Perfect!

IMG_7598My second visit was with my dad and sisters on May 30th in the middle of half term! Another day of retail therapy, crazy golf and then fish and chips on the beach. Unfortunately the weather was not on our side and we got covered in sand as it was so windy!

Its one of my happy places and I am so lucky to have been able to visit it twice in the month.

Doctors Visits

Recently I’ve been not been feeling myself, I’ve always struggled with anxiety and had problems with my thyroid. After a long wait for my doctors appointment I finally got seen and felt so much better afterwards. I’ve recently changed doctors and it was so nice to talk to someone new, I came out feeling like a weight had been lifted and had a plan for the future.

Never take the NHS for granted as they do such a good job!


So there we go there are some of my best bits from the month. I cannot believe we are already five months through the year and heading into the sixth month. My plans for June are very quiet, but I am looking forward to a quiet month and time to relax in the sun.

Let me know what you got up to in May, I’d love to hear from you!


Ciao for now!


Jessica Louise


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