My Day Out at Longleat Safari Park

Feeding Giraffes, Picnics in the Park and Seeing Penguins.


On Tuesday 6th June I visited Longleat Safari Park; I kick started my day participating in a VIP Giraffe feeding experience. I’ve always loved giraffes and for my 21st birthday, Matt’s family bought me a giraffe feeding experience! After ten months, the wait was finally over and we visited the park.


We had a lovely tour guide called Steve, he took us straight to the giraffes in a zebra print 4×4 before the park opened to the public. We were then given buckets full of branches ready for the giraffes to munch on.

The typical British weather kicked in, and big gusts of wind came in spooking the giraffes. We were warned before heading over to their enclosure that the giraffes don’t always come over for their food, so we were aware that we may not get to feed the giraffes. I could watch the giraffes all day, they are such magnificent animals.

I was one of the lucky ones in my group and a giraffe came up to me to eat the branch I was holding. It is such a surreal moment to watch the giraffe eating the branch right in front of you! I believe the giraffe I fed was called Kyza, the only male in the group.

Steve our guide was lovely and provided us with lots of interesting facts about the giraffes and told us information about the other animals in the park. He told us that giraffes are very similar to people who have OCD. They once changed the colour of the guttering of their enclosure and they wouldn’t come out of their house for two days! Who knew that giraffes hate change and were so set in their routines?!

Due to the weather only three of the giraffes came over to feed, our guide Steve asked whether we would like to see some other animals. We jumped into the back of the 4×4 and headed into the rest of the safari. He took us past the camels, Anne the elephant, the ostriches and the rhinos, providing us with their names and information we would of never have found out if it wasn’t for him!

I really cannot rate our VIP experience enough! It would of been amazing to feed more giraffes but due to the weather conditions and that they are wild animals, I am lucky to say I have fed one!

After departing from the 4×4 and saying goodbye to our guide; we headed off to explore the rest of the safari park.


Our trip was by far one of the best days out I’ve been on in a very long time! I’ve always been a big animal lover and love these types of days out where you can get so close to the animals and see so many.

If you are considering visiting Longleat I could not recommend it enough! It can be a rather expensive day out, especially if you plan to eat there too. I’d recommend taking a picnic and saving your money for the feeding experiences while you are there.

If you have any questions be sure to drop me a message or leave me a comment as I’d love to hear from you!


Ciao for now!


Jessica Louise


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