My mini trip to London

Who doesn’t love a little trip to London?

I recently spent a few days away in London with my boyfriend Matt. We caught the tube, elbowed people out the way, saw the sights and ate way too much food! I love London, I’ve visited the city every year for the last 7 years. I’ve slowly been ticking off all the main sights over the years and this trip was another time to see more sights.

I love sharing my trip photos on my blog; I love coming back to these posts to relive these moments.

Day one: Tubes, Wholefoods and Cocktails.

I said to Matt before we started our journey that there was no rush to get there and its time for us to chill out. That’s exactly what we did!

IMG_8203We arrived in London at half one and parked in Hammersmith, before walking over the Hammersmith bridge and to the tube. I know its very sad, but I really like travelling on the tube. I love watching different people hopping on and off the tube and seeing a part of Londoners life!

After checking into our hotel we headed over to Kensington to visit Whole Foods. I visited WF when I visited New York earlier this year. I was gobsmacked at how amazing the store was there and wanted to see how the London one compared. £35 later and me and Matt left with a bag full of goodness! If you haven’t visited a Whole Foods before I’d recommend paying a visit. You walk in and you are surrounded by yummy goodness, walls of fruit and veg, many breads, hot food stands, sushi and a room of cheese!

IMG_8206To finish our day we made the most of happy hour and got two for one cocktails in the hotel!


Day two: Tower of London, Naked Dough and Westfield.

For Matt’s birthday back in May, my parents gifted him tickets to the Tower of London. After waking up, grabbing breakfast in Pret and jumping on the tube, we made it over to The Tower of London. The TofL is a place I’ve always wanted to visit but I’ve never had the time to dedicate to visiting. It’s a great bit of British history and well worth a visit.

I took many amazing pictures of our time there, here are just a few.

After exploring the TofL, I wanted to hop on the tube and head to Old Street station. I had heard about a new cookie dough shop called Naked Dough.

IMG_8254 They were recently feature on the Food Network facebook page and I knew I wanted to give it a try. they have 6 different flavours to try. I went for Hazel’s Nuts, a mixture of cookie dough, nutella and Kinder Bueno. AMAZING!

To finish off our day we headed over to Westfield to do some shopping. I love wandering round Westfield and having a look in all the shops. A couple of shopping bags later we headed to GBK for a burger, before jumping back on the tube and back to the hotel!

Day three: Exploring Covent Garden, back to Wholefoods and Lola’s Cupcakes.

Is it just me that gets sad when it is time to wave goodbye to your hotel?

Starting our day off by packing up our things and checking out, cue the sad faces. We travelled down to Covent Garden for a spot of brekkie! There is a place in Covent Garden that do the best breakfasts (well we think so) and we make it a tradition to stop in there and get our breakfast on our trips. The Diner is in a few locations around London so make sure you visit one of them!

I went for chocolate chip pancakes and a snickers milkshake, Matt went for the hungry man’s breakfast and a cup of tea. Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of our breakfast (we were so hungry), so here are some pictures from my last few visits.

After having a browse in Covent Garden and letting Matt visit his bike shop, we headed to Whole Foods again. This time for some bits and bobs to take home. I picked up cheese, avocado, tea, sushi, watermelon and Fuji water. So the essentials!

IMG_8262Finishing up the trip on the tube back to Hammersmith I had just enough time to grab a Lola’s cupcake.. they were delish!


I’ll miss you London, but I am country bumpkin at heart!

For now I’m staying in Wiltshire and planning my next trip. Whether that is back to London or New York or off to another wonderful city, I already can’t wait to go.


Let me know if you have visited any of these amazing places. Make sure you check out my Instagram for some more of my pictures from my trip!


Ciao for now!


Jessica Louise


6 thoughts on “My mini trip to London

  1. yourfriendkate says:

    Wow sounds good, I don’t go to London very often because it is so busy even though I only live an hour away!!! I would love to try the place in Covent Garden but unfortunately Covent Garden is so inaccessible as a disabled person I won’t be able to go. I’d like to have a look around the whole food shop though, where abouts is it???

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